Monday, 27 February 2012

Josh Weatheritt, Katy Sexton and Paige Stevens for Ones2Watch

A trio of models feature in this editorial for Ones2Watch, shot by the very talented Laura Mcluskey.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Louis Yearwood, Robbert Gatonye, Sam Evans, Guetan Elito, Jacob Benjamin and Lewis Baldie for Kit Neale Presentation at Fashion East

Natalia Khutkubia - The Amourists - Rebound Man

Natalia Khutkubia proves that she is so much more than a pretty face in her music video with her electro band the Amourists, with the song 'Rebound Man' that she wrote and produced herself! You can listen to the song and see the whole video here

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Xulin Liu for Rake

Xulin Liu returns to the catwalk for Rake for a second season in a row

Andrey Smidl for Topman

Andrey Smidl looks amazing keeping things simple in this stylish black number for Topman

Daisuke Ueda, Jermaine Josephs and Yousef Badawy

Aaron Vernon, Andrey Smidl and Thomas Penfound for Lou Dalton

Timothy Kelleher for J.W. Anderson

Abdi Osman and Matthijs de Block for Baartmans and Siegel

Fletcher Harrington and Hassan Tiaz for Astrid Anderson

Thomas Penfound, David Hlinka and Marcelo Pita for Agi & Sam

Lukas Grout, Marc Schulze, Tiago Pinheiro and Timothy Kelleher for Central St Martins

Alex Bennet, Aaron Vernon & David Hlinka for McQ

Nana Keita ad David Hlinka at Ashish

Nana Keita, Arthur Jacob and Tiago Pinheiro for KTZ

Aimee Hurst, Irene Paniagua, Manuella, Nastasia Kochy and Teresa Michalska for Jasper Garvida

Kelly Gervais for Tata Naka

Manuella for Aminaka Wilmont

Manuella looks just like a member of high society in Aminaka Wilmont's collection, strutting down the catwalk and looking ready for lunch with the ladies...

Nana Keita for Maarten van der Horst

Nana Keita looks simply beautiful in this simple shirt and vividly patterned bustier combo, the perfect mix of masculine and feminine for fall

Rebecca Gobbi for Prophetik

The beautiful Rebecca Gobbi looks ready for the ball in this stunning monochromatic ballgown by Prophetik