Friday, 26 February 2010

d1 Boys at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010

Thomas Penfound Opening London Men's Fashion Day @ Carolyn Massey

Robbie Wadge @ Carolyn Massey

Bastien Bonizec @ Carolyn Massey

Thomas Penfound opening Topman

Robbie Wadge @ Topman

Thomas Penfound @ Burberry Prorsum

Jethro Cave @ John Rocha

Jethro Cave @ Pam Hogg

Bastien Bonizec @ Todd Lynn

Luke Worrall @ Gieves Hawkes

Dan Felton opening Gieves Hawkes

Thomas Penfound @ Katie Eary

Jamie Conday @ Katie Eary

Robbie Wadge @ Wintle

Thomas Penfound @ Wintle

Luke Worrall @ James Small

Jamie Conday @ James Small

Alex Bennett @ James Small

Luke Worrall @ A Child of Jago

Jamie Conday @ A Child of Jago

Harvey Haydon @ A Child of Jago

Bastien Bonizec @ A Child of Jago

Berthold Rothas @ A Child of Jago

Ossian Jungegard @ A Child of Jago

d1 Girls at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010

Olivia Levoir @ Lilly Heine (Central Saint Martins)

Olivia Levoir @ Amy Stephenson (Central Saint Martins)

Ulla Lauska @ Jackie JS Lee (Central Saint Martins)

Ulla Lauska @ Tamara Chung (Central Saint Martins)

Ulla Lauska @ Belle Sauvage

Ulla Lauska @ Future Classics

Oreintha Russell @ Falguni & Shane Peacock

Oreintha Russell @ Nathan Jenden

Oreinthe Russell @ Body Amr

Sarah Marshall @ FAD

Samantha Ker @ FAD

Hollie Swain @ Jacob Kimmie

Sarah Butler @ Jacob Kimmie

Olivia Levoir @ Jacob Kimmie

Victoria Denofrio @ Jacob Kimmie

Sycha Mubiaya @ Jacob Kimmie

Gesche Thoennes @ Jacob Kimmie

Hannah Horn @ Jacob Kimmie

Kyle Marriott in the Spring/Summer 2010 Vivienne Westwood Underwear & Accessories Campaign